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Dec 3
DC101 Presents Elliot in the Mornings Holiday Concert with Fall Out Boy, AWOLNATION, Bastille and The Struts
Fairfax, VA
Dec 3
Holiday Jam with New Edition and Black Alley and Kenny Babyface Edmonds and Babyface
Washington, DC
Dec 4
Silver Spring, MD
Dec 4
Tyler Farr
Charles Town, WV
Dec 10
Mannheim Steamroller
Baltimore, MD
Dec 10
Not So Silent Night: French Montana with Rob Thomas and George Ezra
Silver Spring, MD

Having already put out a collaborative release with Cloud Nothings and contributed to Grand Theft Auto V’s compilation record this year, a new album from Nathan Williams’ band Wavves was unexpected. V is a record that toes the line between surf, punk and pop, offering a very accessible pop sound while still fitting in its own niche with gritty punk lyrics and punchy guitar riffs. On a more comprehensive level, however, the album examines the process of a breakup and can be broken down into three sections. The first section examines initial feelings post breakup. The listener can feel the misery in...

28 About 2 months ago

Folk Radio UK is pleased to present ‘Alternate Reality’, the brand new single from Dutch-English singer/songwriter Gitta de Ridder. The track is taken from the her forthcoming debut album and having featured Gitta in an ‘Introducing’ article earlier this year (with editor Alex Gallacher describing her as being a ‘wonderful singer’ with a ‘remarkable voice’), it’s an album that here at FRUK we’re keen to get our hands on, so much so that ‘Alternate Reality’ has been chosen as Song of the Day:

I met up with Gitta earlier this month to talk about the single and the album. As we sat drinking...

19 About 2 months ago

 偉大なRock MusicianやそのSupporterをたたえる「The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/ロックの殿堂」。今年も「2015 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME/第30回ロックン・ロール・ホール・オブ・フェイム」がWOWOWで放送されたので楽しみにして観た。 これ、今年2015/4/18、Ohio州Clevelandで行われたもの。この「2015 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME」では、The Paul Butterfield Blues Band、Green Day、Joan Jett and the Blackhearts、Lou Reed、Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleそしてRingo Starrが新たに殿堂入りを果たした。それぞれゆかりのある人々が彼らを称えるSpeechを行うんだけど、これがいつも感動的。特によかったのはGreen Day。あの悪ガキだった3人が家族、友達、Rockの先人達そしてBandのメンバー達をたたえ、大切するSpeechがマジで泣けた。そしてLou ReedのパートナーだったLaurie Anderson。Laurie Andersonの腕の中で亡くなったLouに捧げる彼女のSpeechもマジで泣けた。 で、Live Performanceの方だけど、特によかったのはまずはGreen Day。この曲でBandのレベルとランクとステイタスと意思が上がった「American Idiot」、MelodicなMidium Tuneが気持いい「When I Come Around」そしていろんばBandのCoverを聴いてきたけど本家にはかなわない「Basket Case」。そしてBeckがCoverしたLou Reedの「Satellite of Love」。そしてRingo Starr。Green Dayと一緒にRingoが演ったOldなRock'n Roll「Boys」、BeckがいてGreen Dayがいて、JohnLedgendがいて、Stevie Wonderがいて、Dave Grohlがいて、Paul McCartneyとRingoがハモる「A Little Help from My Friends」と「I Wanna Be Your Man」。そうそうJoan Jett and The Blackheartsもよかったし、コンピ盤free soulでハマったBill WithersをCoverしたJohn LedgendとStevie Wonderもいい。いやー素晴らしかった。

● On Air Set List:2015 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME M-01. Bad Reputation/Joan Jett and The Blackhearts M-02....

31 About 2 months ago

23 About 2 months ago

As you may have noticed, cassettes are back. Burger Records are a major figure in indie and garage rock scene right now, while also truly being a cassette label. They've released cassettes by Jenny Lewis to  Soko to Dancer. Burger even has their own mini subsidiary label called Weiner Records, in which bands can pay for the design, press, master, and distribution of their tapes. And Saturday, they have Cassette Store Day.

Recently there was even an article via NBC news about the "old cassette's comeback" (in which you can spot some great indie bands' tapes being manufactured...

20 About 2 months ago

(Here’s an interview I conducted by e-mail with Derek Neibarger, a strong supporter of our site, the creator of the Godless Angel death metal project, and an all-around good dude. And at the end of the interview, you’ll find a discount code for the latest Godless Angel album, Harvester of Shadows.)

Hi Derek, thanks for letting me bother you with some questions.

Being interviewed about something you love is never a bother, it’s a privilege and I’m grateful for the opportunity!

I know you’ve been both a fan of heavy music and a musician yourself for over 20 years. But did you have other...

23 About 2 months ago

The Shoebox of Delights – #1 (again) : S-WC Green Day – Dookie

JC writes……

I can’t abide Green Day.  Mrs Villain on the other hand adores them.  We really do violently disagree on their merits. I think of them as a second-class pub punk band fronted by someone who eerily reminds me in looks and voice of Billy Joel.

But I do accept that every band, no matter how lousy, will have a decent song in them somewhere.  In Green Day’s case that is American Idiot which is deemed acceptable for sentiments in the lyric.  But not any of the songs from Dookie, although...

14 About 2 months ago

When Joe Solo wanted someone to help bring his We Shall Overcome idea to Ireland, he had only one person in mind – Niall McGuirk, part of the Hope Collective and a group of people who played a crucial – and largely unsung – roll in live music in this country. To meet Niall McGuirk now, you’d be hard pressed to guess that he was part of something revolutionary, something that helped change the entire music scene in Ireland. As the driving force behind the Hope Collective (although he would modestly claim to have been just a part...

28 About 2 months ago

Send your Great Job, Internet tips to

26 About 2 months ago

The start of October generally means a couple of basic things: the weather starts warming up, Westfield starts putting out its Christmas decorations (because it’s just around the corner you guys!), you start to seriously think about maybe actually doing your tax return soon, and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong essentially becomes Jeff from The Wiggles.

Yes, the time-honoured tradition of everyone yelling at Billie Joe to “Wake Up”because September has ended has been executed with communal gusto this year.

And look, we want you to know that we think you’re all hilarious, and the jokes are even funnier this time than...

34 About 2 months ago

Since 2010 Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo has been rapping and self-producing under the name Sammus. Working as a third and fourth grade teacher in Houston at the time, she crafted her first EP Fly Nerd with hopes of giving her students music that would inspire them to come to class. “E-D-ucation / took me places / like a vacation,” she sings on that EP’s title track. “And it’s spacious / at the top of the mountain / sitting here bouncing / to my own tracks / Dead-president countin’.” She followed it up in 2012 with a full length, M’OTHER BRAIN, whose title referenced...

28 About 2 months ago

Play It Cool by Kurt Baker

“Track by Track” is written by the Artists giving us all a little insight into the songs on their new album. I want to thank Kurt and Wyatt for taking the time to write this up for us and a big thanks to Lou of Rum Bar Records for helping to make all of this happen…..

“Sends Me To Mars”

Kurt :We kick off “Play It Cool” with a song that was written by my good buddy and “rock n’ roll” mentor, Kip Brown....

40 About 2 months ago